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How do I find my size?
Click on the "Size Guide" tab located on the main menu above. 
How long will my press-ons last?
That depends on how well you properly prep your natural nails and the choice of adhesion you use. Nail tabs give you a very temporary wear time from a few hours to 2 days ( ideal for special occasions). Nail glue provides you 1-3 weeks of wear time. Click on the “How to Apply” tab located in the main menu above.
Will my press-ons be durable?
Each press-on nails are made out of a soft gel, NOT plastic! I coat the nails with a thin layer of builder-gel for stronger durability. Then, I follow up with layers of gel polish.
Are my press-ons reusable?
YES! Especially, if you use nail tabs. If you use nail glue, I recommend buffing away any built up glue for better adhesion. You should purchase an electric nail drill in order to do so.
What comes with my order of nails?
Each press-on set comes with 10 nails and a prep kit (24 sticky tabs, 1 glue, 1 mini nail file, 1 mini buffing block, 1 cuticle pusher), and application directions.
Do you make custom designs?
Yes, click on the "Custom" tab on the main menu above.